Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Clint Hurdle deserves credit for keeping Pirates from total collapse

By Paul Zeise
August 8, 2016
Clint Hurdle (Matt Freed/Post Gazette)
It has been a long, hard season for the Pirates, and when that happens, it creates a lot of unrest among the fans, media and people around the team and ultimately leads to finger-pointing. In other words, who is to blame for this mess?
I have a pretty good pulse on who is getting the brunt of the blame in Pittsburgh sports, but in recent weeks the fans have seemingly begun to turn on Clint Hurdle. It’s as if he has something to do with this disappointment of a season. No offense, but that’s lunacy.
Hurdle should be considered for some manager of the year awards for somehow keeping this Titanic of a roster that he was handed above water. Oh sure, Hurdle does some things that drive you nuts, like the way he handles the bullpen, tries too hard to get his starting pitchers through five innings so they can get the win and constantly tinkers with the lineup. I didn’t like his handling of Andrew McCutchen last week with a roster that was short-handed due to injury already, either, though we aren’t sure that one didn’t come from above.
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